GIS for Petrol Station Network




Oil! is a fast-growing company in Europe and within the last 5 years their network of petrol stations has grown from 25 stations to almost 300. Oil!'s intention was to find a technical tool to manage all relevant data for maintaining the technical and financial part of their network. Specifically, the legal examination dates of the pumps underground storage tanks, fluid tight pavements and other legal documentation.

Inogen Solution

Inogen through HPC AG has established a GIS tool for the complete petrol station network for Oil! which has included the development of a GIS System according to the needs and organisational structure of the client, and the site visits were undertaken at each station to collect data, maps, drawings, and all paper documents.   All available documents were scanned and uploaded onto the system and the new data was augmented to existing data to provide a comprehensive system. Training of relevant employees was provided and the new tools were added to the system according to new regulations as they were introduced, for example creating "explosive documents" for each.

Client Benefits

The GIS systems carry some unique benefits to Oil!

  • Cost Reduction
  • Much faster reaction time to solve problems at different sites
  • No penalties because of expired legal examination dates
  • Oil! is ready to react promptly on any new additional regulatory requirements
  • Simplified and comprehensive data maintenance

The ultimate benefit of the GIS system is to save time, money and to operate more efficiently.

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