Tero Hub - Mexico

Tero Hub was established in 2015 as a sustainability services consultancy and think tank rooted in central Mexico and with a global working scope. Our team consists of a core of five senior environmental, health and safety professionals with over 12 years of experience in the field in Mexico plus professional independent allies from diverse social and technical disciplines located in Mexico and beyond. Our clients are mostly international industrial and non-industrial corporations with operations in Mexico that require bilingual support ready to integrate into their existing global management systems. Tero Hub aims to work around eight sectors of sustainability: air-soil-water; forests-oceans-deserts; community development; sustainability indicators and reports; communication and education; transport-urbanism-architecture; private, community and public policy; energy and climate change. Since its inception, work has centered around environment, health and safety legal compliance audits, environmental site assessments and external EHS support for low-risk environments and greenhouse gas inventories, but we are ready to work in other strategic sustainability projects with our clients.

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