POSTPONED: May 2020, Inogen Associate Meeting

Postponed: May 2020, Inogen Associate Meeting

This meeting has been POSTPONED.

With great disappointment, the Inogen Leadership Team has determined that it is in Inogen's best interest to postpone the Associate's meeting in May. Updates will be posted on upcoming plans when they become available.

The next Inogen Associate Meeting will be in Brazil, hosted by Antea Group - Brazil. Inogen Associates join us!

Dates: May 4th and 5th, 2020.

Register now at the “Inogen Events” App, where you will find most of the information related to the next Inogen Associates meeting. Just download, update or open the App in your mobile or tablet and register your name as Inogen Associate OR follow this link on your computer.

Make sure to choose all the events that you would like to attend.

The check back every couple of weeks to see what new information is available, especially the Associates Tab for agendas and Logistics tab for other information.

Before you download the App on your mobile or tablet: Check that you have at least this version of your operative system: iOS (operative system of iPhones):  8.0 and Android (operative system for Androids):  4.4.2.

If it is the first time that you are downloading the App: You will need a verification code, contact

If you have registered before for other Inogen Events on the App: You do not need to create your user again, only click on “Already registered? Click here!” and enter your information.

Updates: We suggest that you allow Inogen Events App to send you notifications about updates. You will see this question when you download the App.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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